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Feel Taken Care Of

Signature Process

From planning to delivery, we take the work out of your hands and deliver a personally styled photoshoot that is both convenient and high standard.  
Phone Consultation

We start with a consultation where we get to know you, your goals, and your vision.

Strategic Meeting

Choose your date and we'll start planning all the details of your shoot; including wardrobe, hair, makeup, and posing.

Photoshoot Day

Get ready to be pampered by my team. We take care of all the details and coach you on how to look great in your photos. 

Ordering Appointment

You're invited back to the studio for your image review where you will be blown away! Take home only what you love. 


  • 2 images $525

  • drop into the studio for a simple, straightforward headshot

  • high quality & authentic feeling

  • additional images $250 each

Personal Branding

  • 6 images $1500

  • 12 images $2500

  • 24 images $3500​

  • Creative Brainstorming

  • Wardrobe Consultation 

  • Pro Hair & Makeup

VIP Branding Package

Build a brand you LOVE

All inclusive package



  • Deep Dive Branding

  • Strategic planning with your marketing team

  • Pro hair and makeup

  • Pro wardrobe styling

  • Pro retouching

  • Studio and Location setting

  • Combination of headshots, portraits & action images

Book a Shoot

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