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Picture Perfect: Elevate Your Business with Photography, Marketing, and Branding Insights!

Welcome to the Tucson Headshot Blog where we discuss all things marketing, branding and business photography

Welcome to our photography blog, where we specialize in business photography for professionals. Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive, or simply want to showcase your professional brand, we are dedicated to capturing your best side and making you look and feel great. With years of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of a strong visual presence in today's digital age. Through our photography, we aim to not only capture the essence of your business but also help you stand out from the crowd. So, join us on this journey and let's create stunning visual content that reflects your unique professional identity.

woman standing in power pose wearing all black, smiling at the camera
Rachel's 2023 Portrait #1. Image by Kimberly Witort Photography

My Super Power

Hi, I'm Rachel. My super power is helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera. I've been photographing people for over 20 years and still get excited to meet new people and make the best picture they have ever seen of themselves!

I graduated from the University of Arizona with a focus in photography and business. I've lived in Tucson for over 20 years and love it more and more. I'm deeply invested in the community and you can often find me volunteering my skills around town for some of my favorite non profits.

The Dream

I opened Tucson Headshot in 2022 to offer high-quality business photography, headshots, personal branding and creative portraits to small business owners and professionals. Designing a process that takes the work out of your hands; and an experience where you feel inspired and empowered to be more visible. Many of my clients come to me saying they feel unphotogenic or hate being photographed..... and result in images they love and feel proud of.

Stay Tuned for More

This blog will host some tips around photoshoots, marketing and branding; some BTS of photoshoots, what-to-wear recommendations and some of the cool projects we get to work on.

P.S. I recently updated my headshots and couldn't be more thrilled! I got a confidence boost I didn't know I needed and a ton of new organic traffic to my social media ... gotta love that!

Follow me on Instagram and you might see yourself featured!! @tucsonheadshot

woman leaning over table, wearing all black, smiling at the camera
Rachel's 2023 Portrait #2. Image by Kimberly Witort Photography


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